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Wall Panels

Pre-Manufactured Wall Panels


Our wall panel lines were the vision and creation of our current owner while working for a large Bay Area developer/contractor to supply homes for their developments in a more efficient and cost effective way. We understand the demanding work required to construct each project. After 34 years of supplying wall panels for projects as small as a simple garage to multi story projects consisting of hundreds of units we have learned which obstacles to watch for. By workng with other trades plumbing bays, mechanical bays, switch locations etc.. can be installed in wall panels eliminating the the need for added pickup time and materials. These locations remain the same time unit after unit giving you a consistant product.

  • Kitchen and Bath dimensions remain constant eliminating the need for custom cabinets $$$.
  • Unlike most of our competitors we use Mylar tape for our frame table layouts which is printed thru our exclusive CAD design software giving us 1/32" accuracy. No more worries about srinkage or loss of conventanual wooden layout sticks. Our Mylar tapes are easily stored to be used even years later.
  • Wall Panels benefit you with:
    Fewer skilled workers are required.
    Less costly job cleanup.
    Less dangerous job-site condition with less refuse.
    Fewer workers means less liability and lowering workers comp premiums.
    Less job site theft.
    Less costly for all trades which follow because framing is consistant, dimensions are true, walls are plumb and square.
  • Most important, schedules are easily maintained and should shorten lessening costly construction loans and creating faster occupancy.